It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again! We’ll be providing Christmas gifts to nearly 150 kids this year, and we need your help! We’re asking families the question, “If you had $50 to spend on each of your children for Christmas, what would you buy them?” We’ll take that list and shop, purchase and wrap those gifts for each child (not exceeding $50). We’ll hand out all the presents the week of December 18.

To make this happen, we need as many shoppers and wrappers and givers and organizers as possible. You can contribute in one of 3 ways:

OPTION 1: Purchase and wrap presents for the number of kids of your choosing
OPTION 2: Contribute money to help purchase gifts for the number of kids of your choosing ($50 per child). Click here to give or mail a check to PO Box 20771, Amarillo, TX 79114
OPTION 3: Go shop for and wrap the presents for any number of kids. We’ll provide the money (donated by those who choose option 2)

Email and let us know how you can help!