April Update

April has come and gone. We spent the month looking at the Easter story and enjoying some beautiful weather that allowed us to get out and have some fun!

The kids love going outside for games, which makes getting them to line up in a calm, orderly fashion quite the challenge. Aloni has learned that bribing them with candy works like a charm!

The kids (and Mrs. Suzanne) loved the Eater crafts this month. We made some cool “stained-glass” crosses at Cathy’s Pointe.

Some kids at Spring Terrace love crafts. Others love basketball. We have fun either way.

Lia came up with a wacky Easter Egg relay race at Plum Creek, which her crew thoroughly enjoyed.


Rainy spring afternoons call for a round or two of balloon ball 0 everyone’s favorite inside game at Glenwood.

We’ve had a great crowd every week at Ridgecrest. That crowd definitely increases in size when they find out we’re about to play Jump the River.

We welcomed a couple of great new volunteers at the North Grand Villas this month. Amiel (on the left) and Maggie (in the middle) have been a huge help – and the kids love them!