August Update

We finished up our wild and crazy summer last week with our Annual Choice Media Golf Scramble Fundraiser. It was lots of fun and a big success, even if we did have an hour rain delay. We do fundraisers so we can continue to do all the fun stuff with kids that you’ll see in the following August photos.

The one things the kids at Cathy’s Pointe will miss most about summer is our water balloon fun.
The kids at Cypress Creek love coloring. Jennifer and Lia like it too because it keeps the kids calm!
The kids love to get excess water ballon water dumped on them out of the cooler. Apparently, the love it so much at Glenwood that they actually climb into the cooler…
The kids at Spring Terrace didn’t let a week go by this summer without at least one game of “Jump the River.”
The kids at Plum Creek love Miss Lia. That might be because she gives them candy for learning Bible verses.
Jennifer, who handles our Cypress Creek Bible studies, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this month. Her sister Mallory is filling in for her while her family adapts to being a family of 4. She’s done so good at that, we had her fill in for Paige at the North Grand Villas last week. Mal read the story in funny Australian accents, so obviously the kids think she’s hilarious. Thanks for the help, Mallory!