January Update

The first month of 2018 is already in the books. It was filled with new faces an unseasonably warm weather for us. We’re excited to get things rolling again and look forward to another great year of fun and growth!

Cathy’s Pointe is consistently our largest crew. It takes lots of crafts supplies and volunteers to keep things rolling smoothly (and to clean up the mess we make with all those crafts!)
Mandy is one of our new volunteers out at Cypress Creek. The kids made her feel right at home and like a regular part of the crew. If you want to be like Mandy, email [email protected] for details.
Our Glenwood crew has seen the most growth this month. Lia consistently has numbers in double digits. Sunny weather in January definitely helps – outside games always attract a crowd (so does a crazy fun guy with a big beard like our volunteer, Colin)
Speaking of outdoor fun, Jacob prays each week for warm weather so he can play Jump the River. His prayers have worked quite a bit.
We have a fun crew of little ones at Plum Creek. Lia has to get creative in how she teaches them. Coloring is one of the best ways to keep them still, quiet, and ready to listen.
Who doesn’t love a game of “Simon Says?” The kids at North Grand Villas definitely love playing it. And when you’re talking about what it means to follow Jesus, the game makes for a great illustration.