One Day Camp Awesome

Things have been strange and difficult for everyone this summer. Because of the circumstances, we had to cancel our usual 3 day Camp Awesome. But we knew our kids needed a sense of normalcy, and the chance to get out of town and be with friends. Thankfully, we were able to work with Hidden Falls Ranch to put on a special one-day camp Awesome on August 3. We loaded up 35 kids and 15 adults/teenagers and took off for an action-filled day. We arrived Monday morning, went on a big hike, swam, ate, wall-climbed, zip-lined, road horses, swam some more, shot arrows, played games, had all the fun we could handle, and arrived home late Monday evening.

It wasn’t quite the same, but our kids still got their camp shirts and backpacks (which they’ll use all year), and were able to escape the world for a day and simply be kids. We were all definitely exhausted at the end of they day. But it was worth it.