February Update

This month, we enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather, met some new faces, introduced some new volunteers, and had the same kind of fun we always do!

The week before Valentine’s Day, we made “Thank You” cards for family and friends. The kids at Cypress Creek are super creative and had lots of people they were thankful for.


Looking for good way to learn about working together to accomplish goals? A balloon relay race will get the job done, as the kids at Cathy’s Pointe discovered.


On the few cold days we’ve had this month at Spring Terrace, we’re thankful for Elevate Church across the street opening their doors to us. The kids are even more thankful for the church’s air hockey table.


On those warm days this month, we let the kids get outside and run off some energy. The Glenwood crew is our most energetic, so we’re SUPER thankful when the occasional Tuesday in February looks like a Spring day.


Some days, the North Grand Villas gets overrun with kids. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Of course, we’re thankful for amazing new volunteers like Mary (standing next to the table on the left) or we might have second thoughts about a full room of kiddos.