June Update

The first month of the summer is over, and it was full of all kinds of fun with water balloons, visits from youth mission groups, and fun crafts.

Water balloons are always fun, and they especially attract a crowd at Cypress Creek.
The last week of June, our kids at Cypress Creek enjoyed a “Week of Fun” with the youth group from Carey 1st Baptist in Childress. They loved every minute of it and wish it could have been a “Month of Fun.”
We don’t have an indoor meeting place at Spring Terrace. So all crafts and Bible studies take place under the shade of this tree. It works, but we’re definitely glad to get soaked by water balloons at the end of a hot afternoon.
Our Bible study at our newest apartment, Cantibury Pointe, has really taken off since school let out. Nate has had 10-15 kids each week this month. Here he’s having a few help him act out the Parable of the Lost Sheep.
Fuzzy sticks and popsicle sticks are the kids at Plum Creek need to get their imagination going. They’d do just this all day if Lia would let them!
We learned about the Fruit of the Spirt in June, so why not make Fruit Loop necklaces. Of course, the boys at Glenwood might have eaten more than they put on their necklace. Also, if you ask these guys to name all 9 Fruit of the Spirit – you’ll be impressed!
The kids at the North Grand Villas got their own week of fun the 3rd week of June. The Church at Bushland youth group came out and we had a huge crowd of kids playing games, getting wet, and hearing about God’s love for them. We’re so thankful for teenagers who take time out of their summer to help our kids make great memories!