March Update

We ended the month of March by surprising 20 of our families in need with Easter bags filled with goodies, and most importantly, a grocery card to provide and Easter meal. It’s always a special and unexpected thing for them. It’s a picture of Grace. Which is what Easter is all about.

March is always an interesting month for us. The weather changes day to day, if not week to week. The kids have their Spring Break. Lots of our kids start staying late at school for tutoring to prepare for the STAAR Test. All that adds up to never quite knowing what to expect from our kids each day – we may have 2 show up; we may have 30. But no matter who was there, one thing was for sure – we had fun!

We’ve studied the Easter story the last 3 weeks. As you can see here, the kids of Cathy’s Pointe know the answers to Paige’s review questions.
The kids at Cypress Creek take prayer time very seriously.
This month didn’t see too many cold days. But some days it was way too windy to play anything outside. On those kind of days, indoor games with balloons are a favorite at Plum Creek.
The Spring Terrace crew working on a fun Easter egg craft during Spring Break.
Lia invented a new game at Glenwood. It involves throwing hula hoops onto cones and the kids thought it was great.
The Cantibury Pointe kids made people with marshmallows and pretzels. Tristan wisely had the kids do this craft outside. Creativity can get messy.
If it’s nice enough to be outside, the North Grand Villas kids are going to ask if they can play “Sharks and Minnows.”