April Update

We held our big Feed, Clothe, Love (and Lift) fundraiser this month. But that didn’t stop us from continuing our regular, daily fun in our apartment communities!

The second week of April, we had to say good-bye to Paige, who moved across the ocean to do missions work in England. We’ll definitely miss her. Our kids at Cathy’s Pointe sent her off with a sweet prayer time (even if they almost suffocated her under a big pile of hugs after the prayer).
Mallory always comes up with some fun and crazy games at Cypress Creek.
Sometimes we’re able to do crafts at Spring Terrace even on the super windy spring days. The girls will put up with any kind of weather if it means they get to color.
Lia decided to hold some three-legged races at Plum Creek. They were a huge hit – and no small children were injured!
Sometimes, when it’s a beautiful day and you have a big crowd of rowdy kids who just took their STAAR tests, you take them out to the playground. That’s what Lia does at Glenwood, anyway.
All the kids at the North Grand Villas need is a kickball, and they’ll find a way to have fun.