May Update

The month of May has come and gone, and with it another year of school. That means it’s time for a summer filled with fun and lots of water balloons! Read along to see some great pictures of all we did last month.

We started weekly ministry on Thursdays at Ridgecrest Apartments this month. We’ve had 10 plus kids each week. We’re really looking forward to building relationships with this great crew and their families!
Our Cathy’s Pointe crew takes their craft-time very seriously. Sometimes they don’t even want to go out to play. And on those hot windy May afternoons, we don’t mind that at all!
Speaking of hot – the AC went out at Cypress Creek for a couple of weeks in May before it could be repaired. Mallory and her crew were troopers. They found some shade and still had fun. And sweat a lot…
The first day after Memorial Day meant water balloon time at Spring Terrace. We combined balloons with “Jump The River” for an exciting game. Catching while jumping far takes great skill.
One big kid (Trey) plus several little kids means a fun game of “Red Light, Green Light” with Trey being the caller at Plum Creek.
Lia’s has met several new kids at Glenwood this month. This is just a small portion of a very full room. Lia thinks she’s excited about this new development…
The kids at the North Grand Villas still miss Paige, but have now had a full month to get used to Mallory being in charge. And we think they’ve finally learned her name. For some reason, Mallory is a tough one for them to remember!