August Update

August started with our annual school supply outreach – we provided over 170 kids with backpacks filled with the supplies they needed – and ended with our annual Choice Media Golf Scramble. In between, we ended summer break started school, had a whole lot of fun at our weekly Bible studies.

We handed out 40 plus backpacks at Cypres Creek. The kid were excited (about the backpacks,but not about starting school…)
The kids at Cathy’s Pointe love crafts. They also love Mrs. Suzanne.
Everybody loves a good game of “Simon Says.” Or at least the kids at Spring Terrace do. We learned about King Josiah, the 8 year old king, and talked about leadership. This game is great way to illustrated good leadership.
The kids at Plum Creek ended their summer with a final cooler of water dump courtesy Abbey, of one of our great volunteers.
Several families at Glenwood got new school supplies the week before school started. Some of them were happy about it 🙂
Our Ridgecrest crew has discovered that learning their Bible verse each week leads to some quality snacks and candy. They’ve also learned that Emily will help them out so that nobody leaves empty-handed.
We’ve had some turnover at the North Grand Villas this month. Which means we’ve met a lot of great new faces, which always makes us happy!
We had a terrific turnout for our annual Choice Media Mission 2540 Golf Scramble. Thanks to all of our sponsors and participants who helped make it a successful event that helps us continue to do what we do to help kids and families each and every week.