September Update

The first full month of the school year is already coming to a close. A new school year typically means that we start seeing more kids come to our weekly activities – both old and new. Schedules have fallen into a routine, and new families have often moved in to start the year. And that’s definitely been the case. It makes for a really fun time!

The kids at Cathy’s Pointe always beg Brooks to do some magic tricks each week. And sometimes he obliges 🙂
Craft time with stars, black paper, and glue at Cypress Creek. We learned about how God told Abraham his descendants would outnumber the starts.
Since we usually have to meet outside at Spring Terrace, we’re thankful it’s cooled off a bit this summer. it makes for a nice afternoon for coloring (or napping if you’re Mazson…)
Our youngest group of kids is the Plum Creek crew. On thing they always love to do is color. And Lia loves to have them color because it calms those crazy kids down!
No group has grown more than Glenwood this month. New kids are coming and we’re meeting new families each and every week.
Week-in, week-out, year after year, we always have a roomful of kiddos at the North Grand Villas. We had a few move out, and a few more move in over the past few months. Makes us both sad to say goodbye and happy to say hello at the same time.
The Ridgecrest kids have quickly learned what the kids at our other complexes have always known – there’s no better game than “Jump the River!”