October Update

We’ve spent the month of October trying to memorize the books of the Bible in order. And the kids are getting close  – even if only half of them can correctly pronounce Deuteronomy and more than one thinks Jackariah is a book in the Old Testament. We’ve tried to enjoy as many of the warm days as we could (mixed in with the rainy ones) since the cold winter weather is right around the corner.

Our Cathy’s Pointe kids love coming in to do crafts first thing, mainly because it gives them the chance to talk to each other. Sometimes loudly 🙂
The girls trying to put all 39 books of the Old Testament in order before the boys at Cypress Creek. They might have needed just a little outside help, but they got the job done.
When you meet outside like we do at Spring Terrace, you find lots of fun things to do. Jump rope, basketball, football, four square, tag – you name it, we do it. Sometimes at the same time.
The kids at Plum Creek love getting candy and snacks at the end of each day. (Of course, they have to answer the right questions from Lia first).
Our Glenwood group continues to grow. We’re running out of space in our small meeting room – which is a great problem to have!
The girls at Ridgecrest have one request every week – that they can go outside and jump rope. As long as it’s nice outside, we definitely oblige.
They boys at the North Grand Villas get pretty pumped when Dory comes out to volunteer. He is a real-life fireman, after all.