September Update

Our September update is a little late, but better late than never! September has seen several new families move into our apartment communities, especially Glenwood, Ridgecrest, and Spring Terrace. It also means we’ve lost a few families from Cypress Creek and the North Grand Villas. So it’s been filled with hellos and goodbyes. We definitely prefer the hellos, that’s for sure!

This fall, we’ve been studying the story of David and what we can learn from him. From teaching us how to manage our fear and anger to finding out that God can use us no matter our size or how “important” we think we are, David has lots of things for kids (and adults) to learn! The weather has yet to cool off much, so we’ve had plenty of opportunities to get outside and run off the energy that comes with being inside at school all day. Here are some pictures to show you all we’ve done: