June Update

Our Summer is off to a fantastic start. We kicked things off the first week of June with by partnering with Hillside Christian Church to put on Block Parties at several of our locations. They were filled with bounce houses, games, music, food, and fun. The week of the 19th, The Fellowship of Huntsville Student Ministry team came in for their annual week of fun. That group was on all 10 of our properties each and every day, playing games and sharing the love of Jesus (and reaching over 150 kids every day!). The week was hot, but so much fun and such a special time for all our kids.

We love weeks like these, because it allows our staff to just step back and hang out with kids and parents and find out what’s going on in their lives. We get to meet new families and kids and invited them to our weekly kids clubs. During this time, we met a refugee mother in need of tutoring for her GED, so we set that up. We advocated for another mom whose AC at her apartment had been broken for weeks, and made sure it was repaired. We helped 2 other moms whose pantries were empty fill them up with the groceries they needed. We got to comfort a family who had just lost their grandfather that day.

All that to say – we’re so thankful for those churches that partner with us and come alongside us to reach out to families in need. Now we’re headed in to July, and our only agenda is to stay cool with water balloons, and to get kids signed up for Camp Awesome August 2-4. In the meantime, check out some great pictures of our June fun!