October Update

We enjoyed warm, sunny weather for most of the month, and we don’t take that for granted! Warm weather brings out more kids, so we met new faces and had full rooms most every afternoon. Of course, October means pumpkin crafts and lots of discussions about costumes and who is going as what for Trick or Treating. We started a new series looking at the Parables that Jesus told. There are some great lessons in there for all of us! The highlight of the month took place at Spring Terrace when the Amarillo Fire Department drove through the complex to inspect fire hydrants on the property. Our kids ran up and asked if they could get a tour of the fire truck, and of course the AFD happily obliged. We got to climb in and look around and ask a ton of questions. It made for a fun surprise, and we’re so thankful for civic servants who take time out of their busy schedule for us! Check out pictures of the firetruck tour and more below!