April Update

In the midst of our big Feed Clothe Love (and Lift) Fundraiser – as well as putting together Easter Good Bags for several of our families – we also continued to meet with our kids each and every week. Because that’s what we exist to do and what we’re passionate about! Here are a some of our favorite photos from the month of April.

The Jesus Storybook Bible’s telling of the Easter story is the best – for both kids and adults. We use it every year. The kids don’t usually pay attention like this at Cathy’s Pointe. But the beautiful story definitely held their attention!


We have big, fun crowds at Cypress Creek every Monday. Jennifer is thankful for warm spring days so she can run off their energy outside.
The girls at Spring Terrace love nothing more than coloring and chatting about their day. Since we normally meet outside, it sure is nice when it’s not windy 🙂
Lia usually takes all the photos. So it’s always good to get a picture of her in action. Her crew of little guys at Plum Creek are learning scripture from her each and every week.


We do different crafts each and every week. These are a few of the kids at Glenwood working on some cross decorations for Easter.