September Update

And just like that, September is drawing to a close and cooler fall weather is already here. We started the new school year with a new Bible Study series on the parables of Jesus. The kids love them because the stories are not only entertaining but easy to understand and connect to their lives today. …

August Update

We finished up our wild and crazy summer last week with our Annual Choice Media Golf Scramble Fundraiser. It was lots of fun and a big success, even if we did have an hour rain delay. We do fundraisers so we can continue to do all the fun stuff with kids that you’ll see in …

July Update

July has come to a close, and that means the end of summer is in sight. In fact, we’re in the midst of our back-to-school outreach, but that hasn’t stopped us from having summer fun this month. In addition to Camp Awesome, we’ve had our weekly activities on all our properties, enjoying water balloons, crafts, …

Camp Awesome

I wanna go home. Please, Brooks. Take me home! No. I can’t. Why? Why can’t I go home. Because it’s 11 at night. I don’t have a ride home for you right now. You need to stay here. You said we go home if we get in a fight. So I’m gonna go hit someone. …

June Update

The first month of the summer is over, and it was full of all kinds of fun with water balloons, visits from youth mission groups, and fun crafts.

May Update

The last month of the school year flew by! We had big crowds of kids each week – we’re averaging almost 110 total kids each week  – and we enjoyed beautiful weather. The kids are definitely ready for Summer Vacation (and our weekly dose of water balloons)!

April Update

In the midst of our big Feed Clothe Love (and Lift) Fundraiser – as well as putting together Easter Good Bags for several of our families – we also continued to meet with our kids each and every week. Because that’s what we exist to do and what we’re passionate about! Here are a some …

March Update

Spring is here, and that means some days we get to enjoy beautiful weather outside, and other days we hunker down inside to avoid the wind. Either way, we’re having fun with close to 100 different kids each and every week at our 6 apartment communities.      

February Update

This month, we enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather, met some new faces, introduced some new volunteers, and had the same kind of fun we always do! The week before Valentine’s Day, we made “Thank You” cards for family and friends. The kids at Cypress Creek are super creative and had lots of people they were thankful …

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